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The world’s largest telescope made with data
Look up on a starry night and consider this: in our lifetime we just might find the answers to one of life’s biggest mysteries. Dutch research institute, Astron and its international partners are building the world’s largest radio telescope, aka The Square Kilometer Array. This big telescope will be made up of thousands of interconnected smaller telescopes, arranged in fractal patterns, to let us glimpse back in time more than 13 billion years ago—mere seconds after the universe was created. How on Earth is this possible? 

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This is Fantastic.


Some of the best of tumblr

Oh my god this is wonderful!

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Michal Mozolewski

Somewhere in Gdansk, deep within the clutches of Poland, lies a photo-manipulator, going by the name of Michal Mozolewski, who specialises in the metamorphosis of bland, stock model photos into butterfly-beautiful, edgy, and ambient images. His most intriguing pieces, personally to me, are the ones that are destructive, and subtractive of his models, ones which blend the grunge and darkness, the sometimes wistful white emptiness, or the vividly warm splatters of his creativity and mould it round his chosen stock photographs, taking away an essence of the humanity, and replacing it with abstract decoration.

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Oh Von Tesse

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